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Indagine su Federfarma MoliseSurvey on Molise: Replica of Mastrantuoni – Farmacista33

Following the statements made to Farmacista33 by , President of Federfarma Molise, regarding the ongoing investigation by the Guardia di Finanza on the current accounts of the Federation’s current accounts, we include the replica of Francesco Mastrantuoni.

Spet.le Editorial,
Following and referring to the news published by the Pharmacist Journal33, the writer should take care to specify the following:

I first consider that Mr Sauro’s accusations against my person are infamous and defamatory.
The story of the attitude has come very different from what Louis Sauro said.
The same goes on, “But three years ago, we found out about the auditor’s accounts, attributable to Mastrantuoni’s ill-behaved .”

Totally false statement that will be the act of immediate denunciation of slander and against Sauro and to whom the Auditors of the Accounts affirmed a similar fallacy.
The Guardia di Finanza has not found administrative misconduct but criminal, and certainly not for 1,500 euros.
Iter is by no means concluded, so it is true that Prosecutor Substitute Dr. Gallucci has asked for a six-month extension to investigate the “Update Courses” and the Ministry of Finance Recipe Data.
In these two accounts, there are some very bad ones that I support – that I have already denounced the prosecutor – that is, to be attributed to Sauro. The Guard of Finance is investigating.

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In addition, on the Federfarma website, Sauro claims to have handed me money to pay for personal things, but I would not pay for it by pounding money and paying Sauro’s affair with Federfarma Molise’s money. An absurd fallacy is also worthy of denouncing offense of slander and instant defamation. Therefore, for the above facts, the undersigned Francesco Mastrantuoni is about to file through his lawyer a lawsuit against the Procuratorate of the Republic for defamation and slander against Sauro and the auditors who supported this thesis.


This post is also available in: itItaliano (Italian)

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