Take Advantage of Amazon Prime With These Fun Cannabis Deals

Take Advantage of Amazon Prime With These Fun Cannabis Deals

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Viparspectra TC600 Timer Control 600W

Viparspectra TC600 Timer Control 600W LED Grow Light

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Concentrate Review

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3 Best Strains of Weed for Anxiety and why Weed Helps

Anxiety is a familiar world problem. In the U.S around 40 million people are suffering from anxiety every year. It makes about 18 percent of the total population. Anxiety is said to be a form of psychiatric disorder. Dealing with stress is not just worrying, but also makes life difficult for the victim and those around the victim. Research indicates that both the environment and genetics play a crucial role in the development of an anxiety disorder.

Many people fall to cannabis to treat this condition as research shows that it is an effective treatment. However, cannabis and anxiety have a slightly twisted relationship. Just as it can treat anxiety, when you use it excessively, it can worsen the situation. It may be due to the active ingredients readily found in cannabis. These are THC and CBD. At low doses, they are responsible for helping treat anxiety.

THC is the main component in marijuana and is what makes you high. On the other hand, CBD does not have as much impact. However, researchers say that the higher the levels of CBD, the better it is for the users with anxiety since it acts on the receptors of serotonin.

Additionally, different varieties of cannabis in the market carry their chemical compositions and effects. Some variations may reduce anxiety, while others may increase it. Here are some of the strains you need to acquire to battle against stress.

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Nordle CBD Feminised Seeds

Nordle CBD Feminised Seeds - 5


The Nordle CBD Feminised Seeds is the high-end version of the Mr. Nice Afghani strain. It contains a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1. The cannabis seed grows with a Christmas tree shape and is from the Indica family. When you grow it in an indoor grow tent, it will remain in the flowering stage for 8 to 10 weeks and deliver a yield of about 500 gr/m2. It has thick buds that carry a fruity aroma with some notes of garlic or chives. When you grow the seeds outdoors, in the northern latitudes, you should be ready to harvest as October ends.

White Widow (fem)

White Widow


The White Widow start to flower when you reduce the amount of light they receive per day. They thrive in indoor environments and can grow to a height of 2 to 4 feet. The plant’s flower for 8 to 9 weeks producing buds of high quality. The seed is a hybrid strain that originates back in the Netherlands during the 1990s. It is a cross between the South Indian Indica and the South American Sativa. It contains an abundant amount of THC that calms you down due to its powerful and lasting mental buzz. The White Widow I easy going and does not have any adverse effects.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem)



The Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is excellent for beginners as the seeds are highly resistant to pests, diseases, molds, and infestations. It can grow to a height of 66 inches and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor growth settings. The strain originated from California and is a mix of The OG Kush (an Indica) and the Durban Poison (a Sativa). It can deliver an immediate rush of euphoria and happiness.

Can Cannabis Replace Anti-anxiety medication?

A publication made in the medical journal Psychopharmacology noted that daily users of cannabis reacted rather bluntly when they are in a high-stress environment after abstaining from marijuana for some time. Users that have never taken weed felt anxious and had high levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. Addicts to cannabis were reported to have lower levels of anxiety while their cortisol levels were the same as when not under stress.

Best Strains of Weed for Anxiety 2

Doctors prescribe treatments such as Xanax and Klonopin to patients suffering from acute anxiety to offer them short term relief. They are useful during that brief period but leave behind side effects such as confusion, fatigue, and disorientation. The patient can as well develop tolerance and dependency on the drug. More than 8000 Americans died in 2015 due to taking an overdose of benzodiazepines.

Some drugs are prescribed for the long term relief of anxiety called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Such include Zoloft and Prozac. They bring about several side effects that include insomnia, low libido, drowsiness, headaches, and an increase in suicidal thoughts.

Compared to all the other drugs, medical marijuana has the upper hand since it is useful and has relatively fewer side effects. A publication made in the pharmacological Research identifies cannabidiol (CBD) to enhance the efficacy of the GABA neurotransmitter while working to reduce the impact of cortisol in the body.

Summing up

You can treat symptoms of anxiety through psychotherapy and medication. Self-medication by using marijuana can help you deal with stress for the long term. However, due to federal restrictions, it is not established. Before using cannabis, you should first consult with your doctor. You should remember that cannabis reacts differently to everyone. The first step to acquiring the right weed strains to fight your anxiety is identifying your sensitivity and tolerance to the weed. Secondly, you need to experiment with different varieties to identify the one that reacts positively with your symptoms. We hope that by following the above, you can determine what to look for whenever searching for an excellent strain to help solve your anxiety issues.

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A Quick Guide to Girl Scout Cookies

A Quick Guide to Girl Scout Cookies

A Quick Guide to Girl Scout Cookies When enthusiasts talk about popular strains of cannabis, it’s never long before someone mentions the Girl Scout Cookie...
Best Nutrients for Cannabis in Soil

Best Nutrients for Cannabis in Soil

When it comes to growing WEED, everything goes. By everything, I mean enough light, nutrients, water, fertilizers and the right temperatures. If you do not provide the crops with all the essentials, then you will not reap what you expect.

Among the essentials, nutrients and fertilizers are very vital for the health of the crops. The two have a direct effect on the health and growth potential of your weed. Using the right fertiliser and the correct nutrients helps the crops to flourish which in turn leads to much higher yields.

In this article, we look at some of the Best Nutrients for Cannabis in Soil that you can use for healthy growth and better yields.

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Our top picks of the best nutrients for cannabis in soil

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

Fox Farm FX14049

Buy On Amazon

Fox Farm is not new to weed growers, as it is one of the most respected brands in the market. This particular product comes in a trio of three formulas that many growers use for the potential growth of their crops. The three, Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom formulas are good for both first time users and for those that are older in the weed growing industry.

The formula is affordable, versatile and the blend works well together to give the best results. Using the formula on the soil ensures that your crops deliver bigger buds and healthier thriving plants. Grow Big Bloom is ideal for the vegetative stage to ensure healthy compact growth, Tiger Bloom is ideal for the budding stage and big bloom is ideal for all the growing cycles.

Grow Big helps to produce lush vegetative, tiger bloom is a fast acting fertiliser that contains phosphorus while big bloom gives the plants the food they need throughout all the growing phases.


  • Comes in three effective formulas
  • Suitable for all growth cycles
  • Helps to give lush vegetation, which leads to better and more bud formation leading to higher yields
  • Easy to use formulas
  • Affordable


  • We could not find any disadvantages about this product


Fox Farm Trio Formula is a top notch for all weed growers as it provides nutrients for all stages of the plants growth. It is especially good for those staring their weed growing journey for the first time, as it is simple and affordable.

Advanced Nutrients GL5255050-12 Big Bud Liquid Fertiliser

Advanced Nutrients GL5255050

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If you are looking for the best nutrients to give your crops that extra push for larger and more potent flowers, use Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertiliser and you will not regret your decision. Many weed growers trust the liquid fertiliser with its effective results for maximum potency and bloom boosting capabilities.

The fertiliser contains L-amino Acids, Potassium and Phosphorous all in their right proportions to give the crops the nutrition they require. The fertiliser is easy to use even for first time users and even though the fertiliser is pricier than many others in tube market are, it is worth its price.


  • Provides denser, heavier and larger flowers
  • Boost buds that are more potent
  • Easy to use


  • Pricey
  • Best suited for the flowering phase


Though weed needs great health for all the stages of its growth, the flowering stage determines what the final yield will look like. Using this nutrient fertiliser ensures that you get larger flowers and more potent buds, which in turn increases the yields. It is worthy its cost if you are looking for quality and quantity.



Buy On Amazon

The final stages of plant growth are very critical, as they need the best nutrients in order to produce the highest quality yields. Using the above nutrient on the soil for the last leg of weed growth ensures that the FLOWERING of the plants exceeds the expected potency.

The soil nutrient, which is especially ideal for hydroponic indoor weed growing, contains less phosphorous levels with more nitrogen and potassium levels. Some of the most notable ingredients in the nutrient mix are Fishmeal, Kelp, Amino Acids, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium Carbonates, Composted Seabird Guano and Rock Phosphate.


  • Contains a combination of highly nutritious ingredients suitable for the late growing phases of the crop growth
  • Helps to produce vigorous and healthy green vegetation
  • All ingredients are organic
  • Works well with all growing mediums
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Nothing negative to write home about


This is another great product to use if you want healthy and happy plants. It ensures that you get higher yields with more potent flowers and buds. I would definitely recommend it for the last stages of your crop growth

Wrapping it up

It is very important that you feed your weed crops with the best nutrients if you want them to grow healthy and strong. Giving them the best nutrients also ensures that you get higher yields. The above nutrients all contain the best ingredients for healthy growth of the crops. They are all safe to use even for first time weed growers and you can use any of them to apply to the soil for maximum yields and healthy looking crops.

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The G Pen Connect Converts Bongs to Rigs in an Instant

As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve and more products to consume cannabis hit the market, you can be sure G Pen will be at the helm of innovation — the new Connect is no exception.

The G Pen Connect is an ultra-compact portable attachment that converts any glass water piece into a dab ring. The result is pure, clean and powerful vapor from your favorite concentrates, without the hassle of a torch and exposed nail.

A powerful ceramic element offers near instant heating and Grenco Science’s patented reverse-airflow technology vaporizes concentrates evenly and efficiently. Designed for true tastemakers, the Connect has three temperature settings, enabling you to enjoy your preferred heat, taste and concentrate preferences. It also has an extended draw mode for those who like extra-large hits.

G Pen Connect

Innovative design makes the Connect easy to use. To start, simply place the glass connector into the bong. Then, drop your favorite concentrate into the chamber and replace the cap. Attach the snap-in magnetic battery, set your temperature preference and wait 5 seconds for heat. A spring-loaded carb release button creates instant airflow, so you can effortlessly clear the chamber.

Glass-on-glass attachments are available in three sizes; 10mm, 14mm and 18mm, making it compatible with virtually all water pipes and female-jointed rigs.

Free from the hassle of wires and cords, the G Pen Connect battery is packed with 850mAh of power. So, although small, the device is capable of driving several back-to-back sessions while supporting pass-through charging whenever needed. 

Each kit contains one G Pen Connect battery, connect tank, 14mm male glass adapter and connector, a Micro USB to USB charging cable and thee replacement O-rings. For added convenience, each kit comes standard with a hemp travel case so you can safely take it wherever you go, making storage and transportation just as easy as using the Connect itself.

TELL US, what’s your favorite way to enjoy cannabis?

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