Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is America’s first , with educational roots going back to 1995. Since opening its doors, OU has been a forerunner in providing the highest quality and most comprehensive training available for the cannabis community and industry. Oaksterdam’s faculty is comprised of some of the most recognized professionals, attorneys, academics, cultivators and entrepreneurs in the world. Oaksterdam University has a history of being associated with not only successful cannabis business people but influential cannabis activists.

With the world’s only hands-on training facility, and over thirty thousand alumni from over thirty countries around the globe, Oaksterdam has established itself as the world’s premier cannabis college. Oaksterdam provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and succeed in the evolving cannabis industry. Oaksterdam is widely recognized for its experience and leadership in the Cannabis industry, with exceptional academic learning and networking opportunities.

Why Oaksterdam University?

  • Over 30,000 graduates from over 30 countries
  • Over 150 faculty members
  • Indoor & horticulture training
  • Business, medical & legal courses available
  • Hands-on education, horticulture labs & grow room design
  • Network with professionals & establish roots in the industry
  • Industry pioneers & authors of Prop 215 & Senate Bill 420
  • Our faculty are the most recognized in the industry
  • Our Alumni are the most active in the world
  • We don’t just teach the , we helped write it
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oaksterdam-studentsVision Statement

Oaksterdam University is a dynamic, diverse, and responsive academic institute dedicated to educating the global cannabis community and industry. Oaksterdam’s mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and succeed in the evolving cannabis industry. As America’s first cannabis college with the world’s only hands-on training facility, Oaksterdam is widely recognized for its experience and leadership in the Cannabis industry, exceptional academic learning and networking opportunities.

classroom-peter-desilvaOur Courses

Oaksterdam University offers two different, career-oriented courses. Our Horticulture course provides hands-on learning in and plant management. The Classic Businesscourse offers an overview of the Cannabis industry with a focus on business management, product development, and the policies and legalities of the industry.

We offer 14-week semester classes and 2 or 4 day intensive seminars throughout the year on the Oaksterdam University campus in Oakland, California. We also travel to various cities throughout the year to offer our seminars with our experienced instructors.

graduation-picOU is Growing! 

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, so too is Oaksterdam University. Based on 10 years of history, experience, and industry affiliation, OU’s unique and historic position allows for continuous improvement and ongoing enhancement of our learning experience. We are redesigning our learning platform and growing our course offerings. Our curriculum will address multiple learning styles and provide thorough assessment and performance-based measurement.

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By obtaining an Oaksterdam University course certificate, you will have achieved the most well known and highly regarded industry recognition of cannabis education.

Dale-Fight-Crime-Not-CannabisCannabis Activism

Oaksterdam University is a hub for cannabis activism. Many of our staff and instructors are pioneers in the cannabis activist community. We, along with other cannabis businesses in our local Oakland area, play a vital role in revitalizing our neighborhood and serving the community.

Activism and engagement are encouraged at Oaksterdam University and discussed in some of our classes.  We provide tools and to assist our students to get involved in local, state, and national cannabis policy reform efforts.


The Oaksterdam University campus is located on the north end of downtown Oakland, between downtown proper, the Lakeside, and the financial district. Only a few blocks away from City Hall, and across the street from the historic Fox Theater, Oaksterdam is in the heart of a revitalized and vibrant downtown Oakland.

In addition to our classroom space, Oaksterdam maintains a Horticulture lab and is home to the Cannabis and Hemp museum. The Patient ID Center (PIDC), home to state issued Medical ID cards and a large cannabis book selection, is accessible through the Oaksterdam classroom.Certification-with-leavesCertification

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Oaksterdam University offers certification to students who pass their mid terms and final exams with a 75% score or higher. Certification is only a requirement for students who would like to use Oaksterdam University as a reference for employment.

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