Maximum Yield Cannabis USA March/April 2019Maximum Yield Cannabis USA March/April 2019

Published on , language — English. 76 pages.

However you prefer your edibles — sweet, savoury, pastries, or even in beverages — proper culinary preparation will go a long way in helping people enjoy this new and legal wave of cannabis. In this month’s issue of Maximum Yield Cannabis, shares her with cannabis secrets, so others can make healthy, safe, and delicious edibles. She provides insight on sourcing the best , measuring dosage, shelf life, and other things to consider when making your own edibles.

All plants, including cannabis, require certain essential to healthy, strong, and productive. Chris Bond identifies these , how much are needed, and their role in development so you can grow the most fruitful cannabis plants.

Also inside: 4 Tips for Rookie , Bud in Bubblers, Set Up Your Own Screen of Green, and more!

Maximum Yield Cannabis is an educational resource for the cannabis grower, with how-to advice on everything from seed to harvest and extraction, including on different strains and ways to medicate or recreate. Maximum Yield Cannabis helps you cultivate a healthy life for you and your plants.

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