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Linx Gaia - reviewLinx Gaia | Review (video)


Linx Gaia – review, highly recommended vaporizer at the Vaposhop stand at 4.20 Hemp Fest in Milan, recently on the market stood out for several reasons.
The first is that it uses almost 100% convection technology (technically it is a hybrid) and then for its build quality and steam.

The American company Linx, inspired by the goddess Greca Gaia, offers on the market the eponymous portable vaporizer for dried grass with a particular design, portable, easy to use, able to heat quickly (in 10-30 seconds), equipped with a camera quartz and based on direct inhalation method. The vaporization system of the Linx Gaia is hybrid (conduction and convection). The temperature can be easily regulated and quickly reaches a range between 93 ° C and 220 ° C.

The Linx Gaia is a compact vaporizer that sits in the palm of one hand. The quality of the materials used can be immediately recognized by touch.
The surface of the vaporizer is characterized by a satiny and discreet finish: the Gaia can pass without problems for an electronic cigarette. In other words this vaporizer can be used around without too much trouble, and thanks to its discreetly large brazier it is not necessary to recharge too often.

The mouthpiece is made of glass, and its metal cover is characterized by a magnetic attack: a nice touch of class.
It is available in three colors.

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In the box you will find the classic accessories that are more or less in all vaporizers: cleaning brush, USB cable for charging (small note: the vaporizer uses a micro usb port to charge, but the cable has a double end that makes it possible even charging an )

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Linx Gaia | Steam quality and use

The Gaia sports a digital display and 3 keys, one for the ignition and the other two for temperature control; the range of temperatures that can be used varies from around 90 to 220 ° C. It turns on by quickly pressing the power button 5 times.
The brazier can contain up to 0.3 grams of grass, however we advise you never to fill it to the maximum, as it could generate a little resistance during the suction.


About the brazier, one of the main features of Gaia is that the latter is made of quartz, a material usually little used among portable vaporizers.

It is precisely the steam flow, one of the strengths of this vaporizer: the resistance when pulling is very minimal, very little effort is required to inhale the steam, and the volume of the latter is satisfactory.
By increasing the temperature up to the maximum values you can get a good nuvolina, but the taste is affected a bit ‘.

Linx Gaia | Battery and duration

Gaia è un vaporizzatore che si carica con una micro-usb. Grazie ad una di ricarica completa della sua batteria, può essere utilizzato fino a 4-5 sessioni consecutive oppure durante una sessione di durata pari a 2 ore. Se l’utilizzatore lo desidera, inoltre, può anche utilizzare il vaporizzatore quando è sotto carica.

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The rechargeable battery of this device is from 2.200mAh and the charging procedure is completed in about 3-4 hours, connecting the device to a USB cable. The battery level can be displayed inside an OLED display from which the user can also set the temperature in the most suitable to his interests, whose range is between 93 ° C and 220 ° C. Also included in the package is a USB Lightning adapter, the connector of all modern Apple devices.

Linx Gaia | Materials

The choice of construction materials is not random: in order to guarantee a pure and genuine vaporization, the Gaia comes with a quartz inner tube that is usually only found inside pen devices that vaporize oils and concentrates.

It is the first time, in fact, that a vaporizer is placed on the market with a quartz chamber for dried herbs alone that can contain up to a maximum of 0.30 g of material.

To this is added a removable glass mouthpiece, very easy to clean and protected by a magnetic cap. Here is a unboxing of Linx Gaia by the manufacturer:

Linx Gaia | Some accessories

LinX Gaia - cappuccio magnetico per bocchinoLinX Gaia – magnetic hood for mouthpiece

Linx Gaia Bocchino in vetro

Linx Gaia Glass mouthpiece

Linx Gaia - review

Linx Gaia magnetic tool

Linx Gaia imbuto

Linx Gaia funnel

Linx Gaia | The choice

What we liked the most is its way of generating a steam flow with the least resistance among all vaporizers in its price range; aspiring from the Linx Gaia is a bit like breathing normally from the mouth, a really pleasant sensation.
As for the taste of steam, here too the Gaia does its job in a convincing way: only by going to high temperatures the flavor is a little altered, we believe because of the very light conductive component that this model uses.

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The Linx Gaia is definitely a vaporizer with an excellent quality / price ratio, in fact, for less than 200 euros you take home a well-made, quality object that does its job well.
It could be said that in its price range it is probably one of the best.


Linx Gaia | How to clean it

Conclusions and where to buy it

The Gaia vaporizer is a product from , California. This device was created by Linx and distinguishes itself from other products offered by competitors for its innovative, elegant and refined design but also for cutting-edge technological features designed to meet the needs of any user, both novice and expert. Its practicality of use makes it also within reach of those who are beginners, its compact size makes it enter without difficulty in the palm of the user’s hand.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that Gaia is a portable vaporizer that presents a hybrid method of both conduction and convention heating and which has been created solely and exclusively for use on dried herbs.

Its cost, if we take into account all the factors that characterize this product but above all the quality of its materials, certainly reflects the best quality / price ratio. Gaia is a vaporizer on which there is a European 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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