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Serve più cannabis terapeutica

It serves more therapeutic , allocated more than 2 million for greenhouses

The medical CANNABIS  product produced in Italy is no longer enough and the Ministry of allocates € 2 million and € 300,000 to increase the number of greenhouses and thus triple the production of the Florence Pharmaceutical Institute, but also to increase imports from Holland. The measure is contained in an amendment to the Tax Decree submitted by the Government.

For months now, in our country, especially in certain regions, there is great difficulty in finding therapeutic cannabis, so that the ministry speaks of “overt deficiency of the substance, destined to further aggravate the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first of “. The lack of marijuana was above all the increase in the number of patients entering since the national production began in the military establishment and at the same time the guidelines have been written with indications that allow the to be free for certain diseases. By now tens of thousands of people use cannabis for the symptoms of their illnesses, especially those related to and . In Florence, in 2017, the first year in which it began to travel at a full production level, in the end it will come to 100 pounds of flowers, which are used by patients in the form of decoction or consumed with inhalers. Not enough, so many regions continue to order cannabis in Holland too. But the are also struggling to keep up with all the orders they sometimes leap. And so the protests of people who do not find their are multiplied.

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“With this provision, it is written – in the explanatory statement of the measure – to state, even with a primary standard, the need for the guarantee of the supply of cannabis, which is an indefinable goal for the continuation of therapies, for the final benefit of patients” .

The Ministry of Health, along with that of Defense, had decided to engage the Military Pharmaceutical Institute, allocating money to boost production and also to import. The 2,3 million euro is divided into two tranches. The first, 1.6 million, will serve to build new greenhouses and also to start cultivating other types of cannabis, with active ingredients different from the one so far exported from the plant. With the , the chili produced in one year should triple, that is to climb to 300. The other 700 million euros will also need to import from abroad another 100 pounds that will go directly to the Military Pharmaceutical Institute where they will be treated, metered and shipped to public and proven pharmacies.

This post is also available in: itItaliano (Italian)

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