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How safe is long-term use of marijuana?How safe is long-term use of marijuana?


Marijuana is a natural and potent drug that has been cultivated and used for centuries.

It is becoming decriminalized and legalized in a number of jurisdictions, and people are becoming open about the . The documented safety of marijuana used for the long term is pretty well sourced and studied. Here are some facts about how safe long-term use of marijuana is.

Long-Term Benefits Of Marijuana

The continuous and long-term benefits of smoking even a low-grade cannabis product have been evaluated thoroughly. Those who smoke long term have fewer incidents of pain and muscular problems. Patients who smoke regularly can treat pain without using excessive pharmaceuticals in the process.

There is no malignant disturbances found in patients who smoke in the long term too. This means that it’s not necessarily cancer causing. Neurological or neurophysiological deterioration hasn’t been observed in those who smoke for decades. This is a positive outcome that should be carefully considered.

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One of the more remarkable things about smoking marijuana is that it is shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers and tumors. Glioma, , lung cancer, head and neck cancer risks are all included in that reduction. The found in cannabis are potent antitumor compounds that serve a reduction in cancer and tumors.


Long-Term Risks Of Using Marijuana

The long-term risks are minimal, but studies suggest that any damage done to the central- is reversible. Scientists also claim that there is subtle-congnitive impairment of marijuana users.

There is also that shows that animals who are administered high levels of THC are going to produce weaker sperm that is less viable. Females are going to have disrupted ovulation cycles as well. It’s not known how THC affects humans who smoked excessively. This is something to consider for the long-term effects of smoking marijuana.

THC is also toxic to cultured hippocampal neurons.

There are few long-term risks associated with the use of marijuana. Smokers are often in better health than non-smokers. It’s important to note that one long-term risk is the risk of dependency. Marijuana itself is not addictive, but THC compounds are shown to increase pleasure in and users may be more likely to want to use marijuana. There’s a 10-percent increase in risk of dependency compared to a 30-percent risk with tobacco smoke.

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Short-Term Effects Of Marijuana

In the short term, marijuana increases feelings of euphoria, can trigger creativity and relieve pain. It can also create a nice body high that is relaxing and good for reducing stress or anxiety.

Smoking marijuana of any grade can be beneficial if you suffer from mental illnesses, but marijuana isn’t for everyone. It can sometimes increase feelings of paranoia, anxiety and depression after the high wears away. These effects usually diminish. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you may want to choose a type of marijuana that is known to ease anxiety and stress instead of one that may exacerbate the problems you face.

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Overall Outcome On Marijuana Safety

Marijuana is largely a safe drug. Even over the long term, marijuana has been proven to show significant physiological and psychological benefit. People will argue against the benefits, but the overwhelming science that proves marijuana is safe is not on their side. The minor long-term safety issues that people face can be reversed by discontinuing the use of the drug.

Marijuana is most definitely a safe substance to consume on a regular basis. To increase the positive effects and reduce the negative effects, you should only use mid to high-grade marijuana. Lower grades are found to be perfectly safe, but higher grades will have fewer toxins or additives, and it is a fresher product. If you are concerned about the safety of marijuana long term, do more research. You will likely find that it’s unanimous that vaporizing marijuana is safe for most adults over the long term.

This post is also available in: itItaliano (Italian)

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