concentrate reviewConcentrate Review: ’ LA is a Crumble You’ll Want to Grill

The Concentrate Review is the other quintessential column. Today, our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud evaluates Essential Extracts’ .

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LA Cheese is a full-flavored crumble that reduces tension, instills creativity, and won’t overpower your plans for the day. This relaxing concentrate, an evenly balanced hybrid, was created by Essential Extracts of , Colorado.

Essential Extracts, founded in San Francisco, is owned by Nikka T. A recognized talent in the world of high-end extracts, Nikka prides himself on the flavor and quality of his work. Considered one of Colorado’s premier hash makers, Nikka’s career was launched when he won the top prize for medical non-solvent hash at the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup with his Flo-G Solventless Wax.

concentrate review


Essential Extracts’ LA Cheese has a cheddar-cheeselike consistency that’s dry and dimpled with cavities. And provided you are into the dank nature of the , this blonde-ish, beige crumble should be high on your shopping list as we approach Labor Day weekend.  Only slightly more difficult to handle than your average budders, waxes, or shatters, owing to the crumbly nature of LA Cheese, these extracts are best dabbed with a scooped tool.

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Ripped from a Hitman Recycler as my “this is the weekend” dab, the vape of LA Cheese was a subtly sweet treat. A quick hint for newbie dabbers: In my opinion, smaller rigs deliver better flavor. I prefer rigs with a joint size of 10 mm. Vaped from a freshly cleaned rig with a properly heated nail, the flavor of LA Cheese was silky smooth and nothing short of scrumptious.


As advertised, this dab’s taste was a spicy, cheese-flavored excursion for the senses. The LA Cheese crumble has a soft, silky flavor that clearly demonstrates the elevated skill set of Nikka T and his crew of artisans at Essential Extracts. Though I only intended to take one or two dabs before relaxing for the evening, I found myself lured back to the rig by the contrasting flavors of a cheesy-diesel crossed with a spicy skunk.

The High

High, higher, and highest. Each rip from the rig felt like the first dab of the day. The crumbly LA Cheese extracts provided a solid improvement for that forgotten organ between the ears and delivered a noteworthy body high. Properly medicated, but far from drowsy, I would definitely rate these extracts as a serious must-have.


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