Concentrate ReviewConcentrate Review: 710 Labs’ Live Rosin is Full of Savory, Solvent-Free Aroma and Flavor

Today, the reviewer Monterey Bud evaluates 710 Labs’ Live Rosin.

Live Rosin by 710 Labs offers a flawless and flavorful dab for those searching for an extract that’s 100 percent solvent free.

710 Labs’ extracts are available in Colorado and California, and the company has cultivated a positive reputation for their incredibly clean concentrates. A winner of the High Times People’s Choice Award for Best Hash in 2014, 710 Labs’ many varieties of shatter, live resin, waxes and sugars are both delicious and effective at providing desirable effects.


The texture of Live Rosin is sappy, pliable, and simply gorgeous. An ambrosial dab of the cleanest order, the creamy batter of 710 Labs’ Live Rosin appears slightly grainy with a pale yellow hue. As soon as I unscrewed the lid from my half-gram jar, I was smacked in the nose with a sweet, earthy aroma. While I am usually a big fan of today’s THCA diamonds and golden shatters, this rosin’s smooth flavor and potent hit opened my eyes to a whole new world of solventless possibilities.

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Holy smoke, this was an incredibly savory dab. I ripped this dab from my freshly cleaned oil rig and watched it dissolve on my e-nail in just a matter of seconds. The dab was hit, held, and released after I constrained the intoxicating for as long as I could. The high from 710 Labs’ Live Rosin provided an immediate sense of inner peace.


While the unidentified strains sourced to make this rosin remain a mystery, the end product is an earthy dab with a slight zest. Rosins are produced utilizing only heat and pressure, 710 Labs’ Live Rosin offers pure flavor minus any residual hydrocarbons. A lip-smacking treat for the senses, the rosin first provided an impressively cheesed-out inhale that was followed by a blast of skunk.

The High

A great dab for the end of summer, 710 Labs’ Live Rosin left me feeling relaxed and introspective. Almost too relaxed to rip another tasty snap … almost.  The creative and relaxing effects peaked about 30 minutes after the first hit and lasted for about two hours. I felt immunized against depression, stress and .


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