Cannabis Training Institute (CTI)

Training Institute (CTI)

Cannabis Training Institute (CTI), founded by Greta Carter,  is an online training and education resource for the cannabis industry. CTI is best known for ASA-CTI Core Cannabis Training + Certification; the industry standard for training & certifying employees of cannabis dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and laboratories across the United States. CTI is the official online training provider for the Patient Focused Certification program by .

Developed by seasoned industry professionals, Cannabis Training Institute (CTI) is an online training & certification resource for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, clinicians & policymakers. CTI’s easy-to-use educational resources are utilized by respected dispensaries, cultivation facilities and cannabis testing laboratories across the United States. Though Cannabis Training Institute is web-based, CTI prides itself on its outstanding customer service; whether you need to contact or an admin via phone or email, you will always receive a prompt, friendly and thoughtful response from CTI’s in-house staff.

All of CTI’s course offerings are digitally delivered through an in-site learning management system and are viewable from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The educational modules are developed to be in the style of a presentation, and they also contain audio narrative, , animation and checkpoints (quiz questions). With regards to CTI certification programs, the checkpoints in the classes do not count towards the learner’s final score, enabling them to re-take classes as needed to help them study for the certification exam.

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CTI was launched in November of 2013 and has since come to gain recognition as the standard in online cannabis education.


CTI’s gold standard training ensures your employees are trained to the highest standards in the industry. Whether you want to apply business best practices, meet legislative requirements, improve licensing success or deliver the best customer service, CTI’s course catalog has you covered.



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