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Airvape X review and video


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Airvape X reviewAirvape X review and video

AirVape X, an updated version of the powerful AirVape Xs, left us speechless. After seeing it in action at the stand of the Vaposhop we immediately fell in love with her and decided to write this review @airvapeusa.

A hybrid that in addition to equalizing its predecessor in size and power, adds some convenient and practical features.

The first thing that strikes the AirVape X is the size: in fact, in addition to being comfortably in the palm of your hand and in your pocket, this vaporizer is very thin, probably the thinnest on the market.

The build quality is just as good, the metal body gives a feeling of solidity and the keys for controlling the are also resistant.
The of the AirVape X, however, do not sacrifice the capacity of the brazier: in fact one of the improvements of this model is precisely the increased capacity of the latter; the total capacity is over 0.3 grams and is made of .

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Even the ceramic suction straw contributes to the overall quality of the product, as well as keeping the flow of steam fresh.

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AirVape X | Improvements

AirVape X has gone through some super clever updates:

  • 25% larger herb chamber – the AirVape Xs holds space for 0.2 g of herbs, but the X version packs no less than 0.25 g!
  • Better materials -the heating chamber, air path and  of this vape are all ceramic, which makes for super tasty vapour.
  • Concentrates – the AirVape X is compatible with herbs and concentrates alike. Just put some oil or wax on the included concentrate pad, and vape away.
  • Magnetic mouthpiece – the mouthpiece is held in place by a strong magnet, making it super easy for you to load and clean the bowl.

If you like long sessions alone in peace or if you prefer to use the vaporizer in a group with friends, you will appreciate the fast recharge of the powerful battery of AirVape X as well as its hybrid heating technology without waste and waste of time. Start quickly with just 20 seconds of warm-up time and clean it just as quickly with a simple sweep of the chamber. Precisely customizing each operating option, from temperature to safety configurations, is very simple.

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But all these features would be nothing without the impeccable quality of the steam produced by AirVape. Thanks to the isolated air path and the mesh filter, this vaporizer turns your herbs into dense and tasty clouds that descend smooth and pleasant, despite the small size of the device. Enjoy it at home or take advantage of its discreet design when you’re out.

AirVape X | Steam quality

Steam production is another strong point of this ; the quality and quantity leave us amazed, considering the very small dimensions.
The ceramic brazier, which can be accessed by lifting the magnetized mouthpiece, heats your herbs or concentrates evenly (thanks to the special accessory provided) and the taste of steam is really first in class.
Once you reach the operating temperature you have chosen, the AirVape X vibrates, signaling that it is ready for a good smoke.

In addition, the auto-off function is also present: every time the unit is turned on, after 3 minutes (but it is possible to set the value up to 5 minutes) it will switch off automatically.

AirVape X | Battery and duration

The AirVape X has an internal battery, obviously rechargeable, which has a good duration, considering the very compact dimensions of the vaporizer.
Of course, 45 minutes is the minimum that can be expected, but there are portable vaporizers of greater dimensions that have the same duration, so the value is acceptable.
It can be recharged through any USB port, so now almost everywhere.

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AirVape X | The choice

Now there is a fight without exclusion of shots in the arena of portable vaporizers, there are many excellent products and the AirVape X is certainly one of them.
Compact, robust, with a tasty and “voluminous” steam, it is certainly among the candidates for a possible purchase; its price must not be forgotten 149 €, which makes it one of the most convenient.

Maybe something like the battery life and capacity of the brazier compared to the opponents is reduced, but it is the price to pay for having such a thin vaporizer.

AirVape X | Accessories

AirVape Xs leather case

Airvape X review

AirVape X mouthpiece (ceramic)

Airvape X review

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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