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adidas launches 'happy 420' sneakersAdidas Launches ‘’ Sneakers, Complete With Useful Stash Compartment

and are celebrating the stoner holiday with the adidas Stan Smith silhouette that receives a build from natural

This release is dubbed, “Happy 420” as a nod to April 20th. Featuring a hemp upper that has been heat pressed with a stoned-out pattern, which is a nod to the burning of hemp. Hitting the heels is hairy chunk suede that reflects the texture of , while the heel tan and tongue receives labels, a reference to medical .

Check out the additional images below and in order to purchase the BAIT adidas Stan Smith Happy 420 collaboration, you’ll have to sign up for the raffle here. The retail price tag is set at $120 USD.

adidas launches 'happy 420' sneakers

Just in time to celebrate the smokiest of days, 420, comes a dope new shoe from the brick and mortar retailer BAIT and adidas Skateboarding. The shoes will drop on April 15 and will ship by April 18.

adidas launches 'happy 420' sneakers

Created with natural hemp, the shoe, called “Happy 420,” takes the traditional Stan Smith silhouette with a chunky heel that resembles buds.

adidas launches 'happy 420' sneakers

Things get lit on the shoe’s tongue, a nod to a medical cannabis prescription label that cheekily reads, “High-potency superior quality.”

adidas launches 'happy 420' sneakers

Perhaps the best part of the shoe is the secret compartment behind the tongue, a pocket for tiny goodies, like your business cards, cash or perhaps a (legal) stash of ganja

adidas launches 'happy 420' sneakers

But of course, in true sneaker culture, the shoe isn’t readily available for just anyone. You have to enter a raffle for even the opportunity to purchase a pair. And then you’ll have the good fortune of paying a hefty $120. That, right there, is a good wad of green.

To snag a pair, go to BAIT.

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